WDID: Kaninchenbau, Kriegsmarine, and Carnies

Winnie and I went on our morning walk, as usual. Yesterday’s unfinished beginning circled my thoughts. I didn’t have time, or the inclination, to write about all of the stuff I looked up. This may be more difficult than I imagined. The Shemara was just the tip of the iceberg. For example:

  • The Kriegsmarine: the Nazi German Navy from 1935 – 1945. Why do things in German sound so much more serious and scary? Oh, right. Because, even though Sean Spicer doesn’t seem to think Nazi Germany was scary, it was.http://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/
  • Sean Spicer: received a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies in 2012 from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.  Just a year earlier, in 2011, he became the RNC Communications Director. He seems to hate Dippin’ Dots. My kids love ’em. And I’ll admit, Cotton Candy Dippin’ Dots – sticky sweetness of glutenous sugary melted-together cryogenic beads in Blue #1 and Red #40 – are a little explosion of carny crazy for one’s mouth. They teeter, comfortably, on the edge of good and terrible.https://www.linkedin.com/in/spicersean/


  • Carnies: Did you know? They have their own language. I read that “Townies” should never try to speak Carny. Carny Slang, however, should be employed any chance one gets. “Freezing the tip” – that’s what she said!http://www.goodmagic.com/carny/index.htm
  • Apparently, Germans love a good ride. Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG (Mack Rides) got its start around 1780. Holy Himalayan, Batman! That’s a crazy long time. Roller Coasters, Water Rides, Spin Rides, Dark Rides, and Classic Rides… Their online catalogue and magazine are fantastic! Their tag line? “We Make People Smile.” Its better than “We Make People Throw-Up.” I do love a good ride, though. And ride companies are fascinating! You can get a used 1984 Gravitron for $55,000! If that doesn’t make you throw up your Dippin’ Dots, I don’t know what will! Did you know? Adventure Land was conceived on a beach in Miami in 1956. I might have been conceived on a beach in Miami in 1975. Yep, always an adventure! And that’s some of my home made cheese. I might throw up soon.https://mack-rides.com/


    Used rides: http://www.wisdomrides.com/rides/used/all/0/name/ASC/50/1



    Adventureland by Christopher Mercaldo

  • Speaking of the Himalaya, according to a few websites the Music Express ride was based on German Caterpillar rides. Caterpillar rides remind me of Centipedes. Centipedes remind me of “The Human Centipede”. “The Human Centipede” centers around a German Surgeon who… dreams of creating new creatures… The actor who plays the German Surgeon is also German. His name is Dieter Laser. Even that is a scary name.

See? Things in German sound more serious and scary. And that? THAT is how a Rabbit Hole works. Or, Kaninchenbauif you prefer the scary and serious German version.

Disclaimer: I don’t think all Germans are scary. Just the language. I love German cars. I am currently on my 10th.  I love my Mini Schnauzer. I wear contact lenses daily (Thank you, Adolf Eugen Fick! A German.) I live in jeans. I don’t wear Levi’s, but Levi Strauss – he was born in Germany. I have a kid in Kindergarten, does that count? Friedrich Froebel was a German educational reformer who invented the “Garden of Children”. And my oral health is paramount: Ottomar von Mayenburg, German inventor of toothpaste.

*jpeg is from Alice in Wonderland -Dinah, Alice’s Kitten, almost falls down the rabbit hole after Alice but catches herself in time and waves goodbye as Alice falls.




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